Draft In A Million Pieces

As solid as the Draft are, the band are unlikely to escape the tag of "the band with all the dudes from Hot Water Music except Chuck Ragan.” Their first release sans the singer sounds a lot like Hot Water Music, minus Ragan’s trademark whiskey-soaked growl. Bearing great similarity to the material on the last batch of HWM discs, in which Ragan had a much smaller role in writing, the songs on In A Million Pieces are the kind of melodic and aggressive post-hardcore one would expect from the group, with an even catchier sound than their past work. Chris Wollard’s vocals, now constantly at the forefront of the band’s slightly new sound, are quite capable of going the distance, although fans of HWM will likely miss the inimitable presence of Ragan. Still, the disc is a worthwhile listen for those eager to hear the next musical evolution from three of Gainesville’s most influential punks. (Epitaph)