The Doozer 'Keep It Together" on New Woodsist LP

The Doozer 'Keep It Together' on New Woodsist LP
Having previously issued a handful of tapes, CDs and records, Cambridge, UK's the Doozer has caught the ear of iconic lo-fi label Woodsist, who will release the artist's next full-length. On January 31, the New York-based record company will drop the Doozer's fourth full-length, Keep It Together.

An announcement accompanying the album notes that, unlike past solo affairs, this record takes a more collaborative, group-based approach that includes contributions from 11 backing players. This results in an "all-enveloping sound" with "guitars, bass, piano and drums, slipping in to lift those harmonies, a string quartet and horns." There's also a tuba purchased from the Salvation Army featured.

At the bottom of the page, you can hear a stripped-down live clip of the album cut "Fold Up Chair."

While we wait for an official taste of the new album, sample the Doozer's previous work over at his website, where you can stream a selection of his ragtag recordings. With his peculiar approach to pop rock and experimental lo-fi rocking, it's no wonder that he attracted the attention of Woodsist.