Donovan Woods Gets Set for New Album: 'Don't Get Too Grand'

Donovan Woods Gets Set for New Album: 'Don't Get Too Grand'
Donovan Woods has a reputation for starkly intimate songwriting, and he will further establish his confessional sound with the release of his third album. Don't Get Too Grand is due out on March 26 through Aporia Records/Outside.

The Toronto songwriter, who has reportedly been spending a lot of time in Nashville as of late, named Don't Get Too Grand after a quote by author Richard Ford. Woods said in a statement, "I wanted to make a simple record with songs that allow a listener to get inside of them. I wanted every song to be completely accessible. I don't want to hide behind some grand artistic statement; I'm just trying to make folk songs that people will hum along and tap their foot to. I thought the title Don't Get Too Grand worked as a nice reminder to myself that simple is usually best."

The album is said to contain self-deprecating humour and poignant arrangements. Scroll past the tracklist to stream the minimal, folksy single "Put On, Cologne."

Woods has booked a pair of shows during Canadian Music Week in Toronto. He will follow these up with an album release show in Toronto in April and a Canadian tour in the spring and summer, although these dates have yet to be announced.

Don't Get Too Grand:

1.  Don't Get Too Grand
2.  Put On, Cologne
3.  Sask
4.  The Coldest State
5.  My Boy
6.  Widowmaker
7.  Taft
8.  Kennedy
9.  You Don't Say
10. Petrolia
11. Let Us Now Praise Simple Men

Tour dates:

3/22 Toronto, ON - The Lounge at The Marriot Hotel
3/23 Toronto, ON - The Central