Dâm-Funk and Nite Jewel Set Up for New EP as Nite Funk

Dâm-Funk and Nite Jewel Set Up for New EP as Nite Funk
Way back in January, we reported that funk weirdo Dâm-Funk was looking to expand his already packed release catalogue by embarking upon a collaborative project with Nite Jewel. The details were scarce, but now we're happy to report that they've dubbed themselves Nite Funk and are planning to debut their project with an EP.

We can't offer any concrete timeline for the release, but the duo have launched a new Twitter page for the project. The bio on the page describes it as "The 'official' Twitter account for L.A. area based 'artist': Nite Jewel & DãM-FunK whom are currently conceiving/recording an EP's worth of tunes 4 the world."

They have also written one tweet, which says, "We: @NiteJewel & @DaMFunK welcome U aboard our new collaborative 'twitter account' which will serve for many things. Mainly..#MUSIC! *L8R." Translating the text into normal human English, we have deciphered that the duo plan to post links to their musical collaborations on this Twitter account.

When the EP is ready, it will drop via Stones Throw Records.

Thanks to LA Weekly for the tip.