DJ Sara and DJ Ryusei "Scratchin'"

DJ Sara and DJ Ryusei 'Scratchin''
Normally I try to feature new music of some kind with this column but occasionally something else comes along that is too good to pass up. YouTube sensations, or at least sensations in the making, DJ Sara and DJ Ryusei are the epitome of "something good.” Alas, there’s little to know about the youngsters (in today’s dicey internet age I’m thinking that’s a good thing) other than THEY ARE UNBELIEVABLE. No doubt the litter of some extra fly parents, Sara (aged eight) and Ryusei (a wee five years old) have mad, mad skills not only for their ages but for any age. A-Trak was a boy wonder at 15? Dude, please! Little Ryusei is one-third of those years, and he can do it staring directly into the camera. Check the respect they give each other while they wait their turns — you can’t buy that kind of maturity. And what’s with those stacks of wax in the background? I sure as shit hope that isn’t theirs. Turntablists? Record collectors? These tykes are unstoppable. I can only imagine they'll be the biggest superstars on earth a decade from now. Wherever they are, whoever they are, I bow down to their excellence. Damn, I feel old.