DJ Road Chief (aka Mark McGuire) "I Want To Be Your Man (Extended Mix)" (Roger Troutman cover)

DJ Road Chief (aka Mark McGuire) 'I Want To Be Your Man (Extended Mix)' (Roger Troutman cover)
Since Mark McGuire announced his departure from Emeralds and the band subsequently broke up, the forward-thinking artist has had extra time to explore his own solo pursuits, and this includes using his DJ Road Chief alias to release a cover of "I Want to Be Your Man" by Zapp's Roger Troutman.

On his Bandcamp page, McGuire announced that this groovy 10-minute mix is part of an upcoming tribute Troutman. Dedicating the song to "all the girls that make my heart beat a little faster," Road Chief wrote:

Roger's music, as well as his spirit, inspire me everyday. The tragic deaths of Roger and his brother, and best friend, Larry, have taken his music and his love away from us too soon, but we can keep his memory alive by continuing to remember all that he gave us. This is the first part of my tribute to the memory of such an iconic man. In addition to the synth & drum programming, and the guitar shredding, I also took up learning Roger's secret weapon; the Talkbox, an instrument which is much more difficult than it looks. A small amplifier with a tube that funnels the sound of your instrument, which you then craft using your mouth movements. So please note that there is no "auto-tune" or anything of that sort being used here. I only say this because I'm trying to save Rog some spinning in his grave about the whole auto-tune thing in general.

Take a listen below or purchase the song over at Bandcamp.