DJ Overdose Returns with 'Bizarro World' LP

DJ Overdose Returns with 'Bizarro World' LP
After nearly two decades of producing beats and releasing EPs as part of the Dutch electronic underground, Netherlands-based experimenter DJ Overdose has finally announced plans for his debut full-length.

The release is called Bizarro World and follows up his 2009 effort In for the Kill. It's also his first recording for the boutique imprint Creme Eclipse.

In a press release, the label offered up the following description of the album:

A veritable tour de resistance in film noir electronics, Bizarro World is a dank and dark alley made flesh. Overdose's heavy soulful beats and soundscapes snatch your dreams right from under you like a shadowy kleptomaniac, masterfully pairing melancholy and ennui with fear and voyeuristic tiger-lurking-in-the-bushes paranoia. So lock up your future plans or you might very well find yourself without any.

Bizarro World will be available in early April. Samples of each track on the record can be streamed via the SoundCloud player below.

Bizarro World:

1. Aan De Overkant
2. Bizarro World
3. Bloed Aan De Muur
4. Ssa Gib a Htiw Lrig a Deen I
5. 's Nachts
6. Suck Chain
7. Fabriek
8. Don't Stop
9. Leegstand
10. Leipzig
11. Watch The City Burn
12. Kruipend Naar De Gootsteen
13. Stay On My Feet
14. Ruimtepuinruimer
15. Film Freak