DJ Moves Presents Hiss 2 - Hissteria

Finally, the follow-up to DJ Moves' 1997 self-released Hiss compilation cassette gets a proper release as the debut from VanCity's Futility Records. Hissteria is a strong compilation of (mostly) unreleased songs and verses recorded over the last five years by DJ Moves. Beginning with his own drunken productions, Moves has tapped the talent of all his regular contributing Canadian weirdoes and booze-hounds from the East to West Coast, making this a great introduction to Moves and his various styles, as well as serving as a sampler of Canada's alternative hip-hop underground. There are appearances by bigger names like Moka Only and Buck 65, who is the only artist with a track produced by himself, with "Bassball (original)," but most of the guests are in groups with Moves, like Governor Bolts, Tachichi, Checklove (of Renegade Synapsis) and Kotep Omegatron (of 5 Headed R-Tard), or have a close working relationship with Moves. The only real problems are "June '99" and "June '98," which are both great tracks but are really more like different short songs stitched together posse cut-style when they would be better off separated. "June '99," for example, is really five songs with different beats and, in some cases, different concepts. They're noticeably different songs, so it would have been nice to hear them that way. Otherwise, Hiss 2 - Hissteria is another essential Canadian classic from DJ Moves, better than his previous Low Pressure Compilation and older. (Futility)