Divine Fits "Would That Not Be Nice" (RJD2 remix)

Divine Fits 'Would That Not Be Nice' (RJD2 remix)
Whenever most people talk about the supergroup nature of Divine Fits, the trio's pedigree is usually summed up by noting singer/guitarist Britt Daniel's duties in Spoon, or singer/guitarist Dan Boeckner's past roles in Handsome Furs and Wolf Parade. While skin-pounder Sam Brown plays in New Bomb Turks, you may not have realized that he also occasionally plays live drums with experimental producer RJD2, which explains how the Fits nabbed the DJ for a new remix of A Thing Called Divine Fits number "Would That Not Be Nice."

RJD2 replaces the low-key bass rumble of the original with multiple layers of spiky electro synths. He also swaps out his concert collaborator's organic rhythms with a mix of metronome-perfect snare-kick beats and a scratchy percussion sample of what sounds like a waiter grinding fresh pepper on your plate. All the while, Daniel's familiar vocals get thrown through an old-school pay-phone receiver.

You can catch the redo in the player down below courtesy of Rcrd Lbl.