Disrupt Unrest/The Rest

Pairing a re-release of the only full-length early’90s street punks Disrupt managed to get together before collapsing with a collection of rarities, splits and B-sides dubbed The Rest, Unrest is not only a musically superior blast of grindcore-influenced hardcore but is also a strong precursor to today’s onslaught of politically-charged bands. Confrontational, loud, abrasive and unrelenting, this 30 minute-long collection of smashed together, blasted out songs focus on a barrage of issues that are still relevant today, such as government corruption and the disgusting practice of vivisection. The album reaches the point of cacophony by the halfway point. However, it is still enjoyable in smaller doses and given the topical poignancy and vehemence with which it is delivered, sounds remarkably fresh and inspiring even almost two decades later. Faring just as well (although even more lacking on a technical level than the already-basement quality of Unrest), The Rest is like a second helping. Packed with otherwise unavailable songs, it justifies itself completely as an extreme dose of, well, extremity. (Relapse)