Disguises Post-Mortem Depression

This record is an argument in favour of the old fashioned recording studio. Disguises may be Toronto’s epitome of unhinged noise but due process agrees with them quite nicely. Recorded at the Gas Station by Dale Morningstar, this record sounds much better than most noise releases. It’s still every bit as splatter-ific, aggressive and above all, un-overdubbed as Disguises live. However, between setting levels and mix-down sessions, it’s much less taxing on the ears than something without these fundamentals. Thus, you can crank a tune like "Fucked On Life” in order to appreciate the inside of Kevin Crump’s throat being stripped away without those annoying, rogue frequencies making you reach for earplugs. For many, that permanent aural damage is the whole point but Post-Mortem Depression is strangely an easier listen and, as such, makes the "repeat” button far more appealing. The many shades of squalling vocals, guitars and ominous drums are well paced. And with nine tracks over 36 minutes, nothing overstays its welcome. (Wintage)