Discordance Axis The Inalienable Dreamless

Discordance Axis's The Inalienable Dreamless is by far the best grindcore album of the past several years. Considering the limited availability of their earlier releases and the sparse number of live shows they play (one this year), The Inalienable Dreamless, along with their influence on the Jersey metal underground, should expand DA's sphere. Featuring some of the most competent and inventive grind players around (drummer Dave Witte was in underground metal legends Human Remains), The Inalienable Dreamless is over 23 minutes of discordant hyper grind, done in the more Japanese style (specifically vocally), as opposed to the more British and American obsession with cookie-monster vocals and generic metal riffs. What sets DA apart - aside from the breathtaking imagery, packaging and intelligent lyrics - is the sheer speed, precision, ingenuity and execution of the material. It's astounding a band could be this fast and this tight, while having a seemingly endless amount of stop/start parts, ever-shifting tempos and unconventional riffs. DA has released a short, compelling record that simply obliterates all that has come before it. (Hydra Head)