Disco Inferno Remembered with 'The 5 EPs' Collection

Disco Inferno Remembered with 'The 5 EPs' Collection
Despite penning some downright killer post-rock-inflected art rock, Britain's Disco Inferno never rose above cult status during their run in the late '80s and early '90s. This fall, One Little Indian will do its part to spread the word by releasing a compilation containing five on the band's EPs on a single CD, fittingly titled The 5 EPs.

If you're unfamiliar with Disco Inferno, a press release credits them as "one of the first wave of 'post-rock' acts (and perhaps its ultimate example)," and adds, "They combined avant-garde aesthetics with a basis in solid pop hooks, credibly depicting suburban alienation and national decay through embittered, intelligent lyrics."

The five EPs are out of print, and appear on the compilation in chronological order. They are: Summer's Last Sound (Cheree, 1992), A Rock to Cling To (Rough Trade, 1993), The Last Dance (Rough Trade, 1993), Second Language (Rough Trade, 1994), and It's a Kid's World (Rough Trade, 1994). The collection reportedly features "no below-par B-sides, no dead weight."

The 5 EPs is due out on September 12 in the UK, though no North American release date has been announced.

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The 5 EPs:

1. "Summer's Last Sound"
2. "Love Stepping Out"
3. "A Rock to Cling To"
4. "From the Devil to the Deep Blue Sea"
5. "The Last Dance"
6. "D.I. Go Pop"
7. "The Long Dance"
8. "Scattered Showers"
9. "Second Language"
10. "The Atheist's Burden"
11. "At the End of the Line"
12. "A Little Something"
14. "A Night on the Tiles"
15. "Lost in Fog"