Dirty Projectors Prep New EP

Dirty Projectors Prep New EP
After recently surviving a near-death experience , Dirty Projectors are continuing the victory lap surrounding their fantastic Bitte Orca record, which was released earlier this year. How, you ask? Well, by announcing the release of a new EP.

Titled Temecula Sunrise, the record features the Orca track of the same name, as well as album cut "Cannibal Resource." More excitingly, it will feature "Ascending Melody" and "Emblem of the World," two unreleased tracks from the same recording session.

The Temecula Sunrise EP will be out on Domino Records on September 8.

Temecula Sunrise:

1. "Temecula Sunrise"
2. "Cannibal Resource"
3. "Ascending Melody"
4. "Emblem Of The World"