Deradoorian Announces Debut Solo LP, Shares "A Beautiful Woman"

Deradoorian Announces Debut Solo LP, Shares 'A Beautiful Woman'
Angel Deradoorian has left her musical mark on projects like Dirty Projectors and Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks, as well as collaborating with artists like Flying Lotus, Björk, and Vampire Weekend's Rostam Batmanglij. She even released a solo EP titled Mind Raft under the moniker Deradoorian back in 2009. Now, she's ready to revive her surname-based solo project with a debut full-length album.
The Expanding Flower Planet is due out on August 21 via Anticon.
According to a press release, the 10-song offering was "roughly 90 percent" solely written and performed by Deradoorian, though it also features contributions from musicians like drummers Jeremy Hyman and Michael Lockwood, guest singer Niki Randa, and Arlene Deradoorian and Gilmore, who "helped the songs breathe."

It was recorded in a variety of locations over the last several years, starting in Baltimore in 2011 and finishing up in her Los Angeles studio. The music draws from ancient traditions of East Indian, Middle Eastern and Japanese music, as well as Native American rhythms to realize Deradoorian's "odyssey of self-exploration."
As for the title, it came from a Chinese tapestry embroidered with a flower mandala that was hanging on the wall in front of her workstation.
You can get your first taste of the era-transcending, wordly influences of the new album on the lead single "A Beautiful Woman." Scroll past The Expanding Flower Planet's tracklisting to give it a listen in the player below.
The Expanding Flower Planet:
1. A Beautiful Woman
2. Expanding Flower Planet
3. Violet Minded
4. Komodo
5. Your Creator
6. The Invisible Man
7. DarkLord
8. Ouneya
9. The Eye
10. Grow