The Dirty Nil 'Summer Mix-Tape' / "Fuckin' Up Young" (video)

The Dirty Nil 'Summer Mix-Tape' / 'Fuckin' Up Young' (video)
It's been a year since Ontario rock trio the Dirty Nil released their single "Fuckin' Up Young"/"Verona Lung," and now they've followed it up with the four-song Summer Mix-Tape.

This free EP-length collection includes "Fuckin' Up Young," plus three additional tracks. Why did it take the Dirty Nil a full year to release these songs? According to the band, "The delay was caused by drinking, playing shows, shooting guns, blowing shit up, breaking limbs, recording, skating, fireworks, drinking, eating french fries, forgetting things, movies, fighting each other, rock n roll, going to shows, and drinking." Enough said.

Summer Mix-Tape is free until September 24, at which point it will be taken down. You know what to do: download it below or from Bandcamp. As an added bonus, you can also watch the new video for "Fuckin' Up Young" at the bottom of the page.