Dirty Chinese Thieves Uber Alles

In a genre gone horribly impotent, it's relieving to know there's a band like Dirty Chinese Thieves keeping punk rock hard and fast. Six criminally short songs bordering on punk rock'n'roll and culminating in a whopping 12 minutes of loose fury, Uber Alles casts aside all pretension in favour of ensuring that tracks such as "White Gloves," "Hate Crimes" and "Termination List" run like a streamlined hot rod in danger of crashing into the median. Surprisingly, the band manage to keep it straight, delivering buoyant bouts of chant-a-long, three chord blasts. Pulling from the brevity of early Black Flag, the twisted humour of Turbonegro and the effortlessness of Descendents, Uber Alles is as unusual as it is inspiring. (Independent)