DIIV "Mire (Grant's Song)"

DIIV 'Mire (Grant's Song)'
Brooklyn janglers DIIV have their album Is the Is Are coming out on February 5 through Captured Tracks, and having already shared a couple of new tunes, they've now shared another one.

This one is called "Mire (Grant's Song)." While most of DIIV's material features dreamy, chiming tones, this one is a little more ominous, with a five-and-a-half-minute sprawl that's filled with squalling distortion. It's rather low on hooks, favouring a hypnotic surge over structured pop.

Frontman Zachary Cole Smith wrote the following statement about the song on Tumblr:

this is a song which i feel like should help put a lot of what we take from the album and put online before its release in context. it's so easy to put 'pop single' out there, because that's I guess what people want to hear? and this isn't really a 'single' or anything like that, but i really feel like this song will help make the album make more sense, partially bc it makes more plain the darkness and heaviness that defines a bulk of the album, whether its musical, lyrical, or in some less tangible way relating to events or moments in my life around the album's genesis. because i guess it kind of hurts me to read over and over reviews of our songs where everything is called 'reverby, beachy, summery, happy, etc', where the listener/reviewer can barely listen past our specific sonic palette and hear the actual SONG that is making use of that palette… in short, i feel like this song represents a really important aspect of this album, and to only represent the 'pop single' side of it wouldn't be fair to the album itself. 

Hear it below.