Digits Returns to Toronto to Become Production Partner at Gas Station Studio, Unveils New Song

Digits Returns to Toronto to Become Production Partner at Gas Station Studio, Unveils New Song
The last we heard from Digits (a.k.a. Alt Altman), the prolific Canadian electronic musician was based out of Berlin, but he's now returned home to Toronto to set up shop at the Gas Station Recording Studio. Working out of this new home base on Toronto Island, Altman has released a new song called "Do You Feel It?"

Altman began working as a producer at the Gas Station after its proprietor Dale Morningstar — who recorded Altman's former band, the Ghost Is Dancing, back in 2006 — became busy with music and family commitments and contacted him about becoming a partner.

"For me, it was a dream opportunity, both to live on the island and to get to produce records in this amazing and historic studio," Altman tells Exclaim!

Given the electronic focus of his work as Digits, it's not too much of a surprise that Altman is looking to make the studio an ideal environment for synth pop; however, whenever possible, he'll be avoiding digital equipment.

"What I'll be trying to do is make electronic pop a little less synthetic by recording it through vintage analog equipment, putting vocals through old preamps and the same compressors they used on all the classic Motown records, or putting synths through real analog tape delay instead of digital," he explains.

It won't be a studio exclusive to electronic pop, mind you. Among the diverse artists lined up to record at the facility this summer are Basia Bulat, Sean Nicholas Savage, Doomsquad and Prince Innocence. Altman is also working on various mixing projects and Digits remixes.

As for "Do You Feel It?" it's the first Digits song recorded in a proper studio, and the sonics are understandably richer. Check out that spaced out synth excursion below.

In related news, Digits' live lineup has now become a two-piece with the addition of synth player/backup singer Dan Miller. See their live schedule below. Expect a split 7-inch with Ark Analog (Maylee Todd and Dan Werb from Woodhands) to be released in September. Meanwhile, Digits will set about working on a new album in the studio this summer.

Tour dates:

7/4 Toronto, ON - The Piston
7/5 Montreal, QC - LA Sala Rossa