Die Hard Nihilistic Vision

Many bands try desperately to capture the old school thrash-meets-death metal sound ― that borderline dirge of double-time drums, rollercoaster pacing and raspy distortion propelling a reverb-laden vocalist who morphs from banshee-esque screeches to testicle-rumbling growls within the same syllable. Few, including some originators, achieve it with the clarity of vision and passion that Die Hard put forth on Nihilistic Vision. A grotesque fusion of Venom's evil, Possessed/pre-Reign In Blood Slayer's speed, Sepultura's choppy vocals (circa Schizophrenia) and the bitter cruelty of Sodom, these ten songs fire away like flaming blasts of demonic bile shot forth from Beelzebub's anus. Naturally, such dedication to a particular era ― the early '80s, in this case ― breeds little in way of innovation or originality but that would be asking for solutions to non-existent problems. Nihilistic Vision doesn't need to advance any genres. Instead, it wants to cause you blunt force trauma with them. Mission wickedly accomplished. (Agonia)