Die Antwoord Label Drake a Massive Homophobic F-word

Die Antwoord Label Drake a Massive Homophobic F-word
South African shock-rap provocateurs Die Antwoord have long been known for their button-pushing ways, but vocalist Yolandi Visser crossed a line when she mocked Drake with an Instagram post using a homophobic slur.

Over the weekend, she posted an image of the Canadian rapper that facetiously credits him with the quotation "I'm a massive faggot." The image was captioned, "Fuk. Drake was kak." ("Kak" is Afrikaans for "shit.")

See the post below.

Fuk. Drake was kak.

A photo posted by ¥O-LANDI VI$$ER (@prawn_star) on

Die Antwoord have come under fire for using the word "faggot" before. Billboard points out that rapper Ninja addressed the issue in a 2011 interview with the Huffington Post, when he said the following:

I'd like to set the record straight here once and for all. Number one: DJ Hi-Tek is gay. So there you go. Now you all know. Number two: DJ Hi-Tek says the word faggot doesn't hold any power over him. Hi-Tek says faggot all the time cause he's like, kind of taken that word and made it his bitch. Number three: Just to be fucking clear, the Antwoord is not homophobic… Number four: It comes across to us that some people from America are heavy sensitive about the use of certain words. But the thing is, what you need to understand is, we're not from America. We're from South Africa. And South Africa people aren't so pumped up about these words.

Meanwhile, Drake continues to rule the rap game with his new album If You're Reading This It's Too Late, every song of which earned a spot on the Billboard charts. In other words, it's probably safe to say that he isn't losing any sleep over Visser's crude post.