Die Antwoord Scène de la Vallée Vans, Montreal QC, August 6

Die Antwoord Scène de la Vallée Vans, Montreal QC, August 6
Photo: Rick Clifford
While Die Antwoord could have benefitted from performing at a much larger stage, Osheaga was smart to place the immensely popular South African rave-rap group at a section far away from the eyes of young children and their families.
Opening up with "We Have Candy" off Mount Ninji and da Nice Time Kid, Yolandi, Ninja and DJ God's explosive performance and pulsating visuals gave the crowd exactly what they wanted in heaping, sweet spoonfuls.
As bubbling images of thunderclouds, demon eyes and cartoonish creatures ejaculating in high-contrast candy lands covered the screens, Ninja and Yolandi emerged in orange jumpsuits and began their onslaught. Moving through "Fatty Boom Boom," "Baby's on Fire," "I Fink U Freaky" and "Ugly Boy" at breakneck speeds, the two proceeded to go through a multitude of costume changes — Yolandi opting for gold hotpants, massive hoodies, and a variety of underwear with the word "ZEF" emblazoned on the front, while Ninja went for the now-infamous pair of Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon boxers and little else.
With the addition of two, excellent dancers wearing an assortment of colourful balaclavas, Die Antwoord yelled, danced and sweated their way through the festival's most high-octane performance. Ending with "Enter the Ninja" atop God's pyramid-shaped DJ setup, the group proved that they were still at the top of their game.