DFA's Gavin Russom Reveals Black Meteoric Star Debut

DFA's Gavin Russom Reveals Black Meteoric Star Debut
When we last spilled some digital ink on Gavin Russom's acid house-flavoured, drone-heavy Black Meteoric Star, we said that the new solo project should have a release out by year's end. Well, what do you know, we were right.

On June 9, the now Berlin resident will release his self-titled debut album as BMS on the DFA imprint, marking Russom's first proper release since his under-appreciated synth mantra with Delia Gonzalez, 2005's The Days of Mars. Apparently, the plan is for Russom to release three separate DFA EPs on vinyl, the first of which also comes out on June 9, and then collect each release on this full-length.

We haven't heard this first BMS effort but according to the folks over at Fact, Black Meteoric Star is a significant departure from the chilled-out melancholy of the Days of Mars LP, and instead "pays dark-hued homage to the raw, rhythmic psychedelia of the late '80s Chicago underground." In an interview with the magazine, Russom had this lengthy explanation about the project:

Black Meteoric Star is a channel for my interest in dance music and dance culture. It's also a way to experiment with pitch and rhythm relationships using a limited set of tools. The tracks are done in single live takes.

The major difference between Black Meteoric Star and any of the earlier projects I've done is that it's the first time I've made the choice to apply the compositional techniques and instruments I've used in more "serious" music towards the end of basically making intense and enjoyable dance music. It is also a solo project whereas much of my earlier work in music has been collaborative in one way or another.

Projecting a "fantasy environment" is important to me when I make dance music. It's something I do half-consciously, imagining the place where the music would fit ideally or what people would be wearing etc. Like, "What is the world that this belongs in?" It's quite sad that the dance floor is disappearing from the cultural landscape. It's a very important place.

If you live in New York, you can catch Russom live at MoMA on May 23. If not you can download this recent 30-minute live set by Black Meteoric Star over here.

Black Meteoric Star tracklist:

1. "Death Tunnel"
2. "World Eater"
3. "Dominatron"
4. "Anthem"
5. "Dream Catcher"
6. "Dawn "