Dexys Midnight Runners Recording First Album Since 1985

Dexys Midnight Runners Recording First Album Since 1985
Dexys Midnight Runners (the band that gave us the classic "Come On Eileen") are recording a new album. It's the band's first since 1985's Don't Stand Me Down.

The group, who now go by Dexys, recently started up a Twitter account and have been posting small bits of information, from the album announcement to pictures of the outfit rehearsing in the studio.

"Dexys new album," they posted. "Cant really say why, because its hard to put it down to any 1 thing, but its working -- Its early days, but so far so good."

The current lineup of the band feature singer/mastermind Kevin Rowland, ex-Style Council keyboardist Mick Talbot, guitarist Neil Hubbard, original Dexys Midnight Runners bassist Pete Williams and a musician referred to in one photo as "Maddy."

Dexys got back together before in 2003 to record two tunes for a greatest-hits package, and Rowland posted a newer track called "It's OK Johanna" on their MySpace in 2007, but this will be the first full-length since the mid-'80s.

Originally formed in 1978, Dexys Midnight Runners fused elements of punk and soul into their early sound. Their 1980 debut, Searching for the Young Soul Rebels, yielded the hit "Geno," but it was 1982's "Come On Eileen" that the group are still primarily remembered for. If you doubt that, check out this recent tweet: "one of Dexys was out last night + stopped separately by 2 strangers+ told how much Dexys meant to them. Both were under 30 years of age :-}"

While the '80s-night classic still gets spun, the follow-up album, Don't Stand Me Down, was a commercial flop, leading Rowland to a lengthy solo career.

Considering the new Dexys disc is still in its early stages, neither a release date nor an album name has been revealed.

Thanks to the Guardian for the tip.