Devo Get Their Own Throbblehead Figure

Devo Get Their Own Throbblehead Figure
Long, long ago, new wave absurdists Devo taught us that we live in a wiggly world, and that claim has now been confirmed by the introduction of the band's very own Throbblehead figure.

Aggronautix, who have sculpted wobbly likenesses of J Mascis, Fucked Up's Damian Abraham and more, are selling pre-orders of the figure now, though it will officially land in September.

As you can see in the picture above, the Throbblehead is sculpted in the likeness of bespectacled vocalist/keyboardist Mark Mothersbaugh and finds him wearing the Freedom of Choice-era uniform of a bright red, flower pot-shaped "Energy Dome" and sleeveless turtleneck. Note the fancy keytar he's holding as well.

Limited to 2,000 units, you can order it over here.

Devo recently reissued their Hardcore compilations on vinyl via Superior Viaduct/Booji Boy Records, with a double-CD set arriving this Tuesday (July 9).

In sadder news, former drummer Alan Myers, who played with the group from 1976 until the mid-'80s, passed away last month following a bout with cancer.