Devo Collect 'EZ Listening Muzak' Material for New Box Set

Devo Collect 'EZ Listening Muzak' Material for New Box Set
Devo fans looking to spruce up their cocktail parties with a few spud-centric, easy-listening sounds can look forward to a new box set compiling the band's old EZ Listening Muzak cassettes. Both CD and vinyl variations will be served up March 4 via UK imprint Futurismo Inc.

As explained by the label, the music had first been prepped by the subversive pop group to play at their concerts, ahead of the show proper. These were smooth, elevator-style takes on classic Devo cuts like "Whip It," "Come Back Jonee," "Girl U Want" and more.

A first volume was delivered as a cassette-only release through Devo's fan club in 1981, with a second set arriving in 1984. Rykodisc would compile these for a CD release in 1987.

Vinyl bootlegs have also popped up over the years, but the upcoming Futurismo Inc. release marks the first official vinyl pressing of the EZ material.

The updated EZ Listening Muzak box features two slabs of vinyl, pressed on both "Lava Lamp" and "Antique Walnut"-coloured vinyl, which preserve the revamps of "Jocko Homo," "Space Junk," "Peek-A-Boo!" and more for a new generation. It's added that Devo have recorded a new EZ-style version of "Human Rocket," a track found on their 2010 comeback LP, Something for Everybody.

The release comes packaged with brand new art, as well as goofball items including a cocktail swizzle stick, a pin, a double-sided poster, cocktail recipes and liner notes from the band's Gerald V. Casale.

Casale added in a statement:

It's been more than 20 years and a cultural sea change since the Devo EZ Listening body of work has been commercially available. Now with this exquisite, 2-disc box set from Futurismo you can once again experience the devolved fun we had creating these ridiculously enjoyable renditions of our work.

Pre-orders have yet to go up, but will be available through the Futurismo Inc. website. You can find out more info over here.

You can get your subversive swerve on to a stream of a conga-fied "Jock Homo" down below.

Prior to securing the EZ Listening Muzak project, the label delivered Devo live album Miracle Witness Hour in 2014 as its debut release.