Devin Townsend Has Been "Hanging Out, Playing Guitar and Talking" with Nickelback's Chad Kroeger

"He gets a ton of shit, but I have immense respect for the guy now"
Devin Townsend Has Been 'Hanging Out, Playing Guitar and Talking' with Nickelback's Chad Kroeger
At one point in time, the musical differences between Devin Townsend and Nickelback were quite clear-cut, though recent similarities include the former's continued interest in pop-oriented sounds and the latter's use of extended range guitars. Now, Townsend has revealed these things have actually led to a friendship between himself and Chad Kroeger.

On Twitter today, Townsend spoke of how Kroeger and himself were first critical of one another as they both rose through the ranks of Western Canadian music scenes.

"When he and I unexpectedly became friends, I took some time to reflect on my thoughts on his band," Townsend explained. "I saw them play a few years back and it was great."

Townsend revealed that "over the past few months him and I have spent some good times together, hanging out, playing guitar, and talking.. .Chad is a real person. He's exceptionally talented at what he does and he's above all a good dude who helped me when I needed help. He gets a ton of shit, but I have immense respect for the guy now."

Townsend also revealed that the two "tried writing together a bit but it seems we're on very different planets from each other musically, same passion, but it's coming from a different place," adding, "whatever anyone may think of the guy he's not full of shit in my opinion and I'm glad to know him. Respect."

This isn't the first time Townsend has been linked to Nickelback. Back in 2015, he revealed to Decibel that he had spent time in Los Angeles writing and recording with "a team who produced all the Nickelback stuff recently, Daughtry, all the American Idol people who win."

Of the song he wrote in the sessions, Townsend said, "I hate it in such a way that is hard for me to quantify," adding, "I really like the guys, I think they're really talented, but I told them yesterday or the day before that I'm not putting it out. There's no fucking way I'm putting it out.  I can't spend twenty-five years sticking to my guns to try and sell people this."

Townsend is currently at work on a new record titled Empath, which is expected to see release next year. The second of his retrospective Eras vinyl box sets will arrive August 31.