Devils Whorehouse Blood & Ashes

When it comes to needing your Misfits and/or Samhain fix without accessing the limited material of those artists, turning to bands named after the iconic Danzig outfits is generally a shitty idea. If they're not intelligent enough to come up with something unique to call their band how strong can their music be? In the case of former cover band turned original artists Devils Whorehouse, they are the exception. An offshoot created by members of black metal gurus Marduk and Abruptum, this third full-length is quite amusing. Delivering a punk-influenced bluesy metal that runs parallel to their unmistakable influence without tripping over his feet, these 12 tracks are cryptic, eerie and catchy. Other than the decidedly Type O Negative number "Speak The Name Of The Dead," Blood & Ashes blends the aggression and barbarism of Samhain with Danzig I's soulful approach/evil Elvis vocal attack and Motörhead's gritty undertones/driving beat with their haunting black metal core. It's innovation over invention but Blood & Ashes is still the best Danzig album in years. (Regain)