Devil Eyes Devil Eyes

Loud and trashy, Montreal's Devil Eyes are one of those bands that continually shift between garage rock insanity, blues rock gut, art-rock clichés and just plain weirdness, usually within each song, come to think of it. It's quite amusing when listening to the scorching, wailing vocals and tin can recording values on tracks such as "Rip My Heart Out" and "Freak Pocket." When all is said and done, this eponymous album is interesting for "art's" sake but winds up being little more than one of those albums/bands that may raise eyebrows initially but will most likely have difficulty maintaining something for the long-term. There's not enough melody, structure or, well, ability contained within. I mean, really, how many of you who bought stuff from the Spaceshits or Unicorns, Bob Log III or JSBX still claim them as your absolute favourites today? Exactly. (Signed By Force)