Devendra Banhart Returns with 'Ape in Pink Marble'

Devendra Banhart Returns with 'Ape in Pink Marble'
Though Devendra Banhart recently released a pair of art books and prepped a film score, he's finally giving the fans what they've been hoping for: a new album. The freak-folk homo sapien's first album in three years is titled Ape in Pink Marble, and it arrives September 23 via Nonesuch.

Despite his recent projects, Ape in Pink Marble is the first album release from Banhart since 2013's Mala. This ninth full-length record was written and recorded in Los Angeles, with the songwriter assuming production duties in the studio. Throughout, he was assisted by Noah Georgeson and Josiah Steinbrick, who both had a hand in Mala as well.

The 13-song collection is being teased with a stream of opening track "Middle Names," which you can check out down below. There, you'll also find the full tracklisting for the album, which was apparently inspired by the passing of a few life figures that were quite close to Banhart.

"Four fathers who were very close to me died last year," Banhart recently told Q. "One of them was my biological father. You gain a new sensitivity, but also an abyss of sorrow."

In addition to the LP, a tour behind the release will be announced sometime soon.

Ape in Pink Marble:

1. Middle Names
2. Good Time Charlie
3. Jon Lends a Hand
4. Mara
5. Fancy Man
6. Fig in Leather
7. Theme for a Taiwanese Woman
8. Souvenirs
9. Mourner's Dance
10. Saturday Night
11. Linda
12. Lucky
13. Celebration