Devendra Banhart Debuts Megapuss

Devendra Banhart Debuts Megapuss
Bearded freak folk wizard Devendra Banhart has built a career out of the bizarre subject matter and arrangements of his solo material. So the fact that he’s started a new band called Megapuss comes as no surprise. A joint effort with Priestbird’s Greg Rogove, the band already digitally released their debut album, Surfing, on September 16.

Thanks to the Neil Young-helmed imprint Vapor Records, the release will see the light of day on CD and LP October 7. The album, which has both dudes naked on the cover, features amazing song titles like "Chicken Titz” alongside contributions from the Strokes’ Fabrizio Moretti and comedian Aziz Ansari.

Surfing tracklisting:

1. "Crop Circle Jerk '94”
2. "Duck People Duck Man”
3. "To The Love Within”
4. "Adam & Steve”
5. "Theme From Hollywood”
6. "Surfing”
7. "Lavender Blimp”
8. "Mister Meat”
9. "Hamman”
10. "A Gun On His Hip And A Rose On His Chest”
11. "Chicken Titz”
12. "Sayulita”
13. "Older Lives”
14. "Another Mother”

Megapuss "Adam and Steve” live