Dev Hynes Nabs Clams Casino for New Blood Orange Album, Plots Collaboration with Jessie Ware

Dev Hynes Nabs Clams Casino for New Blood Orange Album, Plots Collaboration with Jessie Ware
Dev Hynes has released music with projects like Test Icicles, Lightspeed Champion and Blood Orange, in addition to contributing his writing talents to artists like Florence and the Machine, Solange Knowles and Sky Ferreira. Now, the UK songwriter (who is now based in New York) has lined up a slew of upcoming projects, including a new Blood Orange album and collaborations with Jessie Ware and Mutya Keisha Siobhan.

The new Blood Orange album is being recorded during breaks between other sessions, and Hynes told MTV Hive that it will contain many collaborators and multiple vocalists. Contributors revealed so far include Clams Casino (on production, not vocals, of course) and Kindness, and Hynes compared the collaborative approach to that of Gorillaz or Will Powers' 1983 self-help album Dancing for Mental Health.

Speaking of getting Clams Casino to do some production work on the Blood Orange record, Hynes said, "It's really good to watch how his brain creates these rhythms, like it's crazy fragments and then slowly you see it form to make this shape and it sounds amazing."

Hynes reportedly has been writing while looking at a Times Square photo book and hopes that the as-yet-untitled album will be done this year. He added that he wants to release it before the weather turns chilly since "it will be extremely out of place if it's not sunny out when it comes out!"

Meanwhile, Hynes has been working with British pop group Mutya Keisha Siobhan (a trio made up of the founding members of Sugababes) on new material with reportedly a UK R&B sound.

"I think it's distinct," he said of the new Mutya Keisha Siobhan material. "Some of it does touch on the '80s stuff but I think there used to be such a distinct UK R&B sound and I don't know where it's gone — I think it's become lost in trance music. So it's kinda that tone. Their voices sound so good together and as soon as they sing it really takes me back to being 14."

This influence also pops up on his new collaboration with Jessie Ware, which is said to be more "powerful" and utilizes her large vocal range.

"She [Ware] has an amazing vocal range and her live shows really show that. They show what an amazing presence she has. I'm such a huge fan of that first album [Devotion] she did with Dave Okumu so I'm very influenced by that."

Hynes is also acting as Solange's live musical director. She hasn't recorded any upcoming new material yet, but Hynes has his eyes set on doing more production work with her.

When Blood Orange's new album drops, it will be the follow-up to 2011's Coastal Grooves. Stay tuned for further updates from the ever-busy Hynes.