Deux Process In Deux Time

A mission statement expressing a valiant (if not delusional) desire to save hip-hop from its purgatorial existence in the mainstream has long been the norm for any underground crew worth their salt and, according to their bio, Deux Process’ goals are no different. On record, however, these Colorado natives all but avoid the purist preaching that befalls so many of their ilk, choosing instead to simply make a record they could look back on with pride, and that they’ve certainly accomplished. Most of the production on In Deux Time is handled by MC/producer ViseVersa, who makes the most of his knack for laying out key-based melodies and constructing snappy beats, keeping the cuts interesting with choice vocal samples and catchy hooks. Meanwhile, the social commentary on "Sons of Liberty,” domestic issues of a studio rat expressed on "My Star” and the "dear momma” rhymes that close out the record offer the type of the lyrical substance Deux Process see as currently lacking on radio airwaves these days. The combination makes for an entertaining record that, while not necessarily a catalyst for the type of utopian turnaround of the mainstream the underground longs for, no doubt offers a viable alternative. (AOI)