Detroit Grand Pubahs Madd Circus

Ten years ago, when Detroit Grand Pubahs released regional hit "Sandwiches," the electro two-piece were already coming off like a relic of early '90s techno/booty bass. With the release of Madd Circus (the band's fourth LP), they haven't changed a thing. Luckily, with the emergence of wrap-around sunglasses funk revivalists like Dâm-Funk and Jimmy Edgar, the Pubahs have finally caught up by staying behind just long enough. Madd Circus is an ambitious project, a dozen-and-a-half tracks consisting of everything from robotic, motorik techno-inspired run-throughs ("Autotragik") to faux-musical sexual liaisons ("Breakfast in Bed") to the New Dance Show-inspired breakdowns ("Madd Circus"), all peppered with a healthy dose of tongue and/or cheek. Madd Circus is certainly a much more inspired, ambidextrous and varied album from a band many have already tossed aside as nothing more than a worn joke. But anyone following that closely wouldn't get it anyways. (Deletefunk)