​Demi Lovato's Mom Dianna de la Garza Speaks Out About Her Daughter's Overdose

​Demi Lovato's Mom Dianna de la Garza Speaks Out About Her Daughter's Overdose
Demi Lovato frightened her friends, family and fans this summer when she was hospitalized for an overdose, and now the singer's mother has spoken publicly about the ordeal for the first time.
Dianna de la Garza spoke to Newsmax TV earlier this week, revealing that she found out about Lovato's condition from text messages about TMZ before receiving a phone call from her daughter's assistant.
"I was actually looking at my phone and all these texts started coming in," she said. "Just text after text after text. And I thought, 'What is going on?' And someone said, 'I just saw on TMZ. I'm so sorry. Please tell me it's not true.' And I mean, my heart just dropped."
While she was frantically trying to look up what the texts were referencing, she got a phone call from Lovato's assistant, in which, "She said Demi overdosed."
The singer's mother rushed to the hospital, where she found her daughter in what she described as "in bad shape."
"But I said to her, 'Demi, I'm here. I love you,'" de la Garza continued. "And at that point she said back to me, 'I love you, too.' So from that point on, I never allowed myself to think things weren't going to be okay."
Thankfully, she also gave a positive update on Lovato's ongoing recovery.
"I can honestly say today that she's doing really well," she said. "She's happy. She's healthy. She's working on her sobriety, and she's getting the help she needs. And that in itself encourages me about her future and about the future of our family."

She went on to advocate for the fight against the opioid crisis in America.
A mother of three, de la Garza previously discussed her family's struggles with addiction and mental illness in her book Falling with Wings.
Watch the full Newsmax TV interview with Lovato's mom below.