Demi Adejuyigbe Returns with Annual "September" Dance Meme

The Earth, Wind & Fire remixer is back
Demi Adejuyigbe Returns with Annual 'September' Dance Meme
Another year has passed since the last "September" video from YouTuber and The Good Place screenwriter Demi Adejuyigbe, and he's back with one of his most ambitious annual instalments yet.

In his fifth year of releasing video remixes of Earth, Wind & Fire's 1978 disco track "September," Adejuyigbe is imploring you to "rememba" the date today — the 21st (day) of September — with a bunch of new twists. In the 2020 version of the dance, Adejuyigbe went all out, even going as far as to hire a sky banner, rent out a flatbed truck and advertise on a roadside billboard.

Every year Adejuyigbe returns with a new video in the long-running series, but next year's return is contingent on reaching a charity goal — as detailed toward the end of the two-minute clip.

"Five years, five September videos. And that's such a nice round number, I think it's a perfect place to stop," he jokes in the clip. "However, one of the best things about doing this video every year is that I get to use it as a platform to raise money for organizations that could benefit from the attention. And I don't want to give that up."

Adejuyigbe goes on to make a deal with his followers that if they raise $50,000 USD to split between five charities, he'll return next year with a new video. As with past years, 100 percent of sales from his "SEPT 21" t-shirts go to charity as well.

Watch the 2020 "September" video below.

Head to Adejuyigbe's website for more information about next year's video and revisit his "September" videos from past years.