Demander Demander

From start to finish, this fierce, exhilarating EP is 15 minutes of searing, hook-laden rock’n’roll that will have you pressing repeat over and over again. Musical partners through at least two bands over the past few years, bassist/singer Karen Corrêa and drummer Sivan Harlap round out their insanely tight rhythm section with solid guitar work from Jared Scott to create an addictive five-song set that is as seductive as it is powerful. While the immediate similarities with Yeah Yeah Yeahs are obvious (right down to their hometown of New York City), other, much clearer influences are the Breeders, PJ Harvey, and the jagged, sensual punk pop of early-to-mid-period Sleater-Kinney. Lyrically, the songs traverse a landscape of damaged souls, longing, self-doubt, and the potential for tragedy hiding behind the spectre of every romance. In Demander’s world, love is a challenge and relationships are distant yet intimate, hopeful yet adversarial. Unpretentious and to the point, Corrêa’s vocal intensity is nicely contrasted with the sense of questioning and uncertainty that pervade the lyrics. There are no less-than-stellar tracks, but the closer, "Porte Cocher” is an obvious standout — the fervour of the previous songs erupting in a thundering climax rivalling the best of their riot grrrl forebears. (Fallout)