Delta Singularity

Delta are a band who have spent the better part of their careers being messed around by the music industry. They’ve released a wealth of singles and two albums, all of which received critical acclaim in their native UK (including ending up on a few year-end lists), yet their multiple label shenanigans and other setbacks have stopped them from being a musical force to be reckoned with. Delta formed in 1993 by James and Patrick Roberts who had previously flirted with fame as jangly indie pop band the Sea Urchins. And anyone who remembers the glory days of their former band won’t really be terribly surprised by Singularity, but they will get wonderfully warm and fuzzy feeling inside because there’s absolutely no denying that the Roberts brothers still have that elusive "it.” They sound like a mix of that other great sibling-dominated band Shack, and the Verve with a healthy dose of Buffalo Springfield and the Byrds thrown in. Despite the fact that these 16 songs are from almost a decade ago, they still sound remarkably fresh. The majority are taken from singles released between 1993 and 1995, but there are also some unreleased tracks to help offer value for money. They are at their best when their songs are given enough time to stretch their legs (like the wonderful "All My Life”) although the shorter tunes simply hint at what is just around the corner. Singularity is enough of a triumph that it should simply be a matter of time before Delta’s complete discography is available on this side of the Atlantic. (Elephant Stone)