Defleshed Reclaim the Beat

Although Sweden’s Defleshed are always the bridesmaid in the current neo-thrash world, these guys have all the chops and abilities that bands like Carnal Forge and the Haunted are continually lauded for. And with Reclaim the Beat the band are looking to change that, as this is their first album to find proper North American release. Fans of the band know what to expect, and on Reclaim the Beat, there are no surprises: the usual razorblade riff-work, excellent drumming care of Mathias Modin (who also serves time in black metal band Dark Funeral), a general desire to play songs really, really fast but not quite at grinding levels, and tons of near-memorable songs that may not manage to stick in the listener’s head when this is over, but will place reasonable facsimiles in there to be chewed on until next spin. And actually, there is one surprise on this disc: a scorching cover of Motley Crue’s "Red Hot,” done up with snarling vocals, blast beats and a raging thrash edge. (Candlelight)