Deerhoof Talk Split Seven-Inch Series, Konono No.1 Collaboration and Vinyl Reissues

Deerhoof Talk Split Seven-Inch Series, Konono No.1 Collaboration and Vinyl Reissues
With a new album coming out and a slew of singles out all across the Internet, pop auteurs Deerhoof have fans pretty much set for new music right now. But what about during those pesky few months after the album comes out? Well, the band have you covered then, too.

In a recent interview with Exclaim!, Deerhoof drummer and co-founder Greg Saunier explained the circumstances that have led to a split seven-inch series that will see each track from Deerhoof vs. Evil released as a collaborative single with another artist.

We'll let Saunier explain:

We just released a seven-inch, a split with a new band called Physical Forms, the singer of which is also a solo artist named Busdriver. We wanted to do a split seven-inch, so I made up an instrumental track for Regan, aka Busdriver, to sing or rap over. I sent it to him in an email, however, by the time he wrote back, he was so excited about it that that same day, he'd already written, recorded and mixed vocals for the song.

When he sent it back, I realized I'd sent him the wrong song; instead of sending him this Deerhoof unreleased instrumental track I'd made especially for him, I sent him the instrumental part for one of the songs on our album, which was already coming out and had vocals, lyrics, melodies and everything -- we just hadn't recorded them yet. I couldn't believe it, and I was heartbroken -- he'd already recorded, and there was no way at that point that I was going to say, "Well, can that, this is the one I meant to send," 'cause what he had done was so beautiful and I really loved it.

So, out of this totally idiotic mistake on my part came the idea that we would do a whole series of these split seven-inches, with different artists who basically will sing over the instrumental tracks from our album. They'll create their own vocals over it, their own melody and lyrics and everything. The first one [with Physical Forms] has already come out, a new one with Xiu Xiu has just been completed, and we have plans for every single song on the record to be done that way.

Exciting, right? Well apparently, that's not all.

As Saunier points out, "We've also got a big collaboration thing planned for this year that's super exciting; I don't even know if I'm allowed to talk about it yet. It's very likely that there's going to be a large collaborative group that will include the members of Deerhoof, as well as members of Konono No.1 and Kasai Allstars, that will hopefully be doing some large festival shows in the summer of 2011. And, we're going to be reissuing more of our older albums on LP, as almost all of them are out of print."

So that's a seven-inch series, a summer collaboration and a bunch of vinyl reissues. Let nobody ever say that Deerhoof don't spoil their fans.

In related news, Exclaim! recently debuted "I Did Crimes for You," the latest track from Deerhoof vs. Evil, which is out January 25 via Polyvinyl. You can listen to it here.

Also, you can watch the new video for "Super Duper Rescue Heads!" below.