Deerhoof Set to Revamp Rolling Stones' Sympathy for the Devil at This Year's TIFF

Deerhoof Set to Revamp Rolling Stones' <i>Sympathy for the Devil</i> at This Year's TIFF
Besides Neil Young's reported appearance, there's yet another reason for music lovers to force their way in to this year's Toronto International Film Festival. Apparently, weirdo indie rock quartet Deerhoof will be performing as part of a new multimedia installation, which will go down during the festival's free "Future Projections" events.

The piece is called BAND and finds Deerhoof meeting up with Jean-Luc Godard's legendary Rolling Stones concert film Sympathy for the Devil. The piece was developed by artist Adam Pendleton, and will see the film reedited with footage of Deerhoof performing.

That's where the TIFF will come in. On September 17, the band will perform a free concert at Dundas Square in downtown Toronto. The rehearsals leading up to the show and the performance itself will be shot and later spliced with the Rolling Stones footage to create a new, and likely bizarre, film.

"I was really looking for a group that balanced experimentation with a slightly pop, slightly rock sensibility and had a dynamic performance presence and style," Pendleton said of the band in the press release. "Deerhoof had at it all."