Deerhoof Return with 'La Isla Bonita' LP

Deerhoof Return with 'La Isla Bonita' LP
Pop weirdoes Deerhoof released their Breakup Song LP two years ago, and the gap between releases had us worried that they really did break up. Fortunately, that's far from the truth, and the band have prepared yet another platter.

The album, which marks their 13th overall, is called La Isla Bonita. It was produced by former music journalist Nick Sylvester and is said to see the band paying homage to groups like the Roots, Sonic Youth, the Flaming Lips and Radiohead, alongside figures like David Bowie, Ric Ocasek, Lou Reed and David Byrne. What that means, exactly, has yet to be heard.

Drummer Greg Saunier shared other information about the album in a press release, offering the following statement:

No band is an island. Felt like one sometimes, in those budgetless and obscure early days, Satomi and me locked in the basement trying to figure out how our clashing personalities and ideas could turn into a band. If we hadn't had that crazed mid-'90s Bay Area punk scene to call home, I doubt we'd still be here to chat about a 20th anniversary. ... We don't set out to create masterpieces. The Deerhoof fan is a thrill-seeker. This is the latest volley in an ongoing conversation we've been honoured to hold for 20 years.

Deerhoof's La Isla Bonita will arrive on November 4 via Polyvinyl. Check out the tracklisting below, along with a stream of the album's hard-hitting, distortion-laden "Exit Only."

Thanks to Pitchfork for the tip.

La Isla Bonita:

1. Paradise Girls
2. Mirror Monster
3. Doom
4. Last Fad
5. Tiny Bubbles
6. Exit Only
7. Big House Waltz
8. God 2
9. Black Pitch
10. Oh Bummer