Deerhoof Release New Single As Sheet Music

Deerhoof Release New Single As Sheet Music
As you may have heard, those wacky folks in Deerhoof have a new album on the way. It’s called Offend Maggie and drops October 7 via Kill Rock Stars. And as you may have also heard, the San Franciscan quartet have planned to leak the first single from the forthcoming album before the record’s release not as an audio file but as a pdf of sheet music. Well, it’s leaked.

On Deerhoof’s newly erected website, the music for the song "Fresh Born” is now posted online and can be downloaded here. The plan is for fans to take the score, record their own interpretation of it without hearing Deerhoof’s version and then share it with others and the band via the website.

There’s no great reward for this, just the enjoyment of playing and sharing tunes, which is way better than cash prizes, right? (Okay, cash is pretty sweet, but music is still cool.)

And just to refresh your memory, here is the tracklisting to Offend Maggie:

1. "The Tears and Music of Love"
2. "Chandelier Searchlight"
3. "Buck and Judy"
4. "Snoopy Waves"
5. "Offend Maggie"
6. "Basket Ball Get Your Groove Back"
7. "Don’t Get Born"
8. "My Purple Past"
9. "Family of Others"
10. "Fresh Born"
11. "Eaguru Guru"
12. "This Is God Speaking"
13. "Numina ○"
14. "Jagged Fruit"

Deerhoof experiments with sheet music