Deerhoof Plan Vinyl Reissues for Record Store Day 2010

Deerhoof Plan Vinyl Reissues for Record Store Day 2010
On April 17, we will see the arrival of the 2010 edition of Record Store Day. The event, which was founded in 2007, was started to remind people of just how important record stores are to their communities and in the formation of young musical minds. To promote the event, a number of artists and record labels have begun teaming up to launch special releases for the day, and we're now happy to report that Deerhoof will enter the fold.

With the help of Kill Rock Stars, Deerhoof will offer up vinyl reissues of two of their classic releases: 2003's Apple O' and the 2005 EP Green Cosmos. The former will be available on blue vinyl, while the latter will be released on green. Besides the original material, the records will come with download codes for four rarities apiece.

Over at the Kill Rock Stars site, Deerhoof drummer Greg Saunier recalls his numerous experiences with independent record stores, and how they not only developed his musical tastes personally but also allowed people like Thurston Moore to hear his own band. Read his account here.

Apple O':

1. "Dummy Discards a Heart"

2. "My Diamond Star Car"

3. "Heart Failure"

4. "Panda Panda Panda"

5. "Apple Bomb"

6. "Flower"

7. "Sealed With a Kiss"

8. "L'Amour Stories"

9. "Hayley and Homer"

10. "Dinner for Two"

11. "The Forbidden Fruits"

12. "Adam+Eve Connection"

13. "Blue Cash"

Bonus downloads:

"Dummy Discards a Heart" (live 2003)

"The Forbidden Fruits" (Chris demo)

"Panda Panda Panda" (first performance 2002)

"My Diamond Star Car" (live 2002)

Green Cosmos:

1. "Green Cosmos"

2. "Byun"

3. "Hot Mint Air Balloon"

4. "Kokeko Kitten"

5. "Come See the Duck"

6. "Malalauma"

7. "Spiral Golden Town"

Bonus downloads:

"Spiral Golden Town" (Greg demo)

"Hot Mint Air Balloon" (live 2004)

"Come See the Duck" (live 2005)

"Kokeko Kitten" (Rehearsal 2004)