Deerhoof "Tiny Bubbles" (video)

Deerhoof 'Tiny Bubbles' (video)
Eccentric art rock ensemble Deerhoof have delivered a rather wild and out-there music video for their La Isla Bonita number "Tiny Bubble." If you like your parables rife with animated, vengeful gods working against the treacherous titans of industry, you've just hit the jackpot.

Scored by the herky-jerk hustle of the track, the video puts on display the bubble-pumping day-to-day of one of the most bizarre looking factories we've seen in quite a while. When it's revealed one worker is getting a particularly rhythmic but fatal beatdown from his higher-ups, the true higher-up reigns fire upon the business. As you'll discover, skronking electronic white noise makes for a convincing sound effect to a bubble person's death rattle.

Though unsettling, the video seems to act as a call to arms for workers right. You can celebrate by giving the video a look down below.

Deerhoof have a number of upcoming tour dates, including shows at the Winnipeg International Jazz Festival this June, as well as performances in Calgary and Edmonton. You'll find all of the details here.