Deerhoof "Fête d'Adieu" (video)

Deerhoof 'Fête d'Adieu' (video)
Skewed pop combo Deerhoof launched their latest LP, Breakup Song, earlier this morning, and what better way to celebrate than with a dance party? At least, that's the rationale behind the act's new video for "Fête d'Adieu."

The Elias Gwinn-directed clip was shot at a Brooklyn park and features a cast of characters busting out their best Peanuts-styled dance moves. Some twirl and spin, others floppily saunter around the grounds, and others rubberneck their heads back and forth. Even a couple kids ride by on razor scooters for the courtyard event. It's a little low-impact, but the clip perfectly portrays the confusing nature of a farewell fete.

"The story in this video is the story of friends, the nature of friendships, and the bittersweet irony of a 'goodbye party,'" Gwinn said in a statement. "'Fete d'Adieu' translates to 'happy farewell,' a phrase as dichotomic as 'act naturally.' How am I supposed to enjoy an occasion where I am saying goodbye to my friends? By dancing...that's how."