Decomposing Serenity Let Us Show You How To Draw Blood

No surprise that this platter of unruly gore-grind comes from the land down under, where the similarly deranged Blood Duster reside. Decomposing Serenity deliver 40 short songs here, backed up with a ludicrous and hilarious sounding drum machine and a twisted but obviously tongue-in-cheek sense of humour. Damned if this isn't head-bangingly catchy stuff though, and those little quick bits of quasi-technical flourishes and three-second spasms the band throws in will leave a smile on all but the most jaded metalhead’s face (how can a wah-wah pedal not make you laugh, in any context?). Unfortunately, this disc is a collection of five different recording sessions, so sound quality varies annoyingly. This is a fun listen but ultimately not for long. (Deepsend)