December Wolves Blasterpiece Theatre

December Wolves have created nothing short of a soundtrack to a horrible nightmare, and for once this is an accurate description of the hellacious and disturbing "music" at hand. Utilising a drum machine, a treble-heavy production and an abundance of bizarre movie samples amidst disorienting grindcore and death metal, the Wolves have harnessed a truly frightening sound on Blasterpiece Theatre. Unfortunately it sounds much better in theory than in practice, which is unfortunate, as their theory is intriguing. Listening to this album is entirely unpleasant, as the songs have nothing that makes one part stand out from the next, and due to the aforementioned dynamic duo of a drum machine and a "treble till death" production, the end result is a slippery little devil of a sound that in no way can one get a hold of, process or register. The nightmare is compounded, the listener is screaming in agony and hell is here. (Earache)