Death Waltz Reveals Soundtrack Reissues for 'Slumber Party Massacre' and 'Forbidden World'

Death Waltz Reveals Soundtrack Reissues for 'Slumber Party Massacre' and 'Forbidden World'
Soundtrack masters Death Waltz Recording Company are at it again, having just announced a pair of upcoming movie score reissues for a couple of '80s-era cult films. This time they're lovingly saluting slasher parody Slumber Party Massacre and sleazy sci-fi flick Forbidden World.

Shock Till You Drop reports that Death Waltz has partnered with iconic B-movie producer Roger Corman's New Horizons to deliver the soundtracks on CD, LP and digitally sometime in January.

The Slumber Party Massacre score was penned by Ralph Jones, who is the brother of the film's director Amy Jones (Mystic Pizza, Beethoven). Both siblings contribute liner notes to the release, which also features newly crafted artwork by Luke Insect, which you can see up above.

Up until you can get your mitts on the score in full, you can imagine yourself running away from the driller killer via a stream of the weird and wobbling gothic end title credits, which you'll find down below.

While panned as an Alien knock-off when it arrived in 1982, Forbidden World (a.k.a. Mutant) has become a low-budget cult classic, in part due to Susan Justin's mondo bizarro electronic score. Death Waltz's upcoming pressing for the synth-strewn soundtrack features notes from Justin and director Allan Holzman, as well as some truly gross and gooey artwork from Kimberly Holladay (see below). Also at the bottom of the page is a stream of the out-of-this-world space march, "Mutation."

Death Waltz has yet to deliver the tracklistings in full.