Christmas Horror Classics 'Silent Night, Deadly Night' and 'Christmas Evil' Get Soundtrack Releases via Death Waltz

Christmas Horror Classics 'Silent Night, Deadly Night' and 'Christmas Evil' Get Soundtrack Releases via Death Waltz
If the onset of the Christmas holiday season has you worked up into a murderous rampage, Death Waltz Recording Company might just have something to soothe your shattered nerves. The horror score-celebrating imprint has revealed that it will be issuing a deluxe soundtrack release supporting 1984 Santa slasher, Silent Night, Deadly Night.

The double-LP set goes up for sale tomorrow (November 13) and features composer Perry Botkin's chills-inducing score on one plate of vinyl and a collection of original Christmas songs written by Morgan Ames on the other.

A statement from Death Waltz founder Spencer Hickman [via Dread Central] has him explaining that Botkin's score for the film — about a man's traumatic experience with Christmas as a child steering him towards becoming a holiday serial killer — is "both chaotic and tragic."

He added that the set's "crashing sounds of distorted percussion are punctuated by both synth and acoustic piano, reflecting the sheer damage that has been done to [killer] Billy's mind."

The second slab of vinyl is arguably a bit less creepy, comprising 10 songs that had originally been intended to be delivered as a tie-in album coinciding with the theatrical release. Plans for the record had been shelved. The album, as you can hear in the player down below, features earnest holiday numbers like "It Must Be Christmas," darker hard rock fare like "Slayrider," and the funky influenza-inspired "Christmas Flu."

Packaging-wise, the Silent Night, Deadly Night release features new, gruesome artwork by Nick Percival, and you can see it up above. A booklet features liner notes from Botkin, co-executive producer Scott Schneid and writer Michael Hickey, as well as reviews for the controversial movie and newspapers clippings that had called for the film to be banned.

The release is limited to 400 copies worldwide, with one disc appearing on "transparent red and solid white split-color vinyl," and the other on "transparent red and transparent green split-color vinyl." Another limited edition will be pressed on clear green and clear red vinyl.

A tweet from Death Waltz earlier today suggest that the label has another Christmas-themed release coming down the chimney this season, though the specifics have yet to be revealed.

UPDATE: Death Waltz has revealed its second Christmas-themed release will be the soundtrack to 1980's Christmas Evil, which will arrive as a 10-inch on pink sparkle vinyl. The pre-order also goes up tomorrow.

Silent Night, Deadly Night:

LP 1 – OST by Perry Botkin

1. Main Titles
2. Going Nowhere
3. Never Stop for Strangers
4. Snow Ax
5. Caught in the Act
6. Jingle Jam
7. Market
8. Seventeen
9. Running Away
10. Erotic Dreams
11. Scary Time
12. Dress Up
13. Billy Lose It
14. Poor Boy
15. Mad Hatter
16. Santa's Bow & Arrow
17. Horns
18. A Little Later
19. Smiley Face
20. No Smoking
21. Take Him Away
22. Offing Father O'Brian
23. Cackle
24. Snow Dreams
25. Naughty

LP 2 - Original Motion Picture Songs by Morgan Ames

1. It Must Be Christmas
2. Slayrider
3. Santa's Watching
4. Merry Christmas Baby
5. The Warm Side Of The Door
6. Christmas Party
7. Christmas Flu
8. Christmas Fever
9. I Wanna Sing You A Love Song
10. Sweet Little Baby